Recurring work

With Each Other- Devised and Directed

With Each Other is an original performance devised by ASU students and faculty exploring sexual violence prevention on campus and at large. The 35-minute play imagines a graduation ceremony that celebrates the contributions of ASU students towards creating a culture of healthy sexuality and consent on campus. It asks, how do we foster healthy relationships and an environment that does not tolerate sexual assault with each other, in our intimate relationships and wider community?


Student Body- Devised and Directed

Student Body is a devised play and class about sexual violence created by Northwestern students. Performed during Northwestern's Freshman Orientation Program for 2500 freshmen each year, continuing into future orientation programs- Northwestern University.


For Youth Inquiry Plays - Concieved, Written and Directed

Project US and Can I Hit It? are two participatory plays that engage audiences in dialogue about sexual health and sexual violence. Touring to Chicago Public Schools, conferences and programs through FYI at the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health- Fall 2010- present.


Forecast- Devised and Directed

An original performance that explores the intersections between racial and reproductive justice. A young woman discovers she is pregnant, slips into sleep that night and enters a dream world filled with racialized myths, prophecies and monsters that confront her with the decision of whether or not to parent in a broken world. Performed for Chicago Home Theater Festival at the Museum of Contemporary Art in May 2015 and touring presently.