past work

This Boat Called My Body- Conceived, co-wrote and co-directed

A devised spectacle that collides together over a dozen abortion stories from youth in Illinois. Performed on the water at Palmisano Park's quarry, This Boat Called My Body seats audiences in the metaphor for the islands that young people travel to in order to get unfettered access to abortion. Produced by the FYI Performance Company at the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health in May 2018.

"Proves that art for change and art for joy are not mutually exclusive, that joy and love inspire change” -New City Stage


DON'T GO- Co-Directed

A participatory performance that brings strangers together around a shared table to form meaningful connections across ideological difference. It collides student actors with non-student strangers to engage in authentic dialogue and tasks: to decorate a cake together, to waltz, to learn a game; and simultaneously, to discuss differing opinions about religion, to share why they voted in the last election, to name their competing identities. Produced by Sojourn Theater and premiered at University of Southern California in April 2018.



Tell Me What You Remember- Directed

A documentary-style piece that follows one family's true story of dealing with depression, told in the real words spoken by the family members. Premiered in December 2014 and remounted in November 2015 for Erasing the Distance.

"Director Nikki Zaleski doesn’t bind the characters linearly and allows free interaction across generations, even if not directly speaking to each other. With only five cast members, Zaleski creates a full stage with heavy use of motion and overlapping dialogue that helps to create a bigger space and more dynamism that is going on." -Chicago Stage Standard

Redmoon's Youth Spectacle: The Commitment Project- Conceived and Directed

Imagined, designed, built, and performed by over 750 youth, different venues spanning the city of Chicago have become transformed with shadow animation, sound installation, visual art and performance, creating a surreal world of interactivity and discovery.  The Commitment Project was an exploration of the countless instances of human to human commitment. Students from all over Chicago made spectacular art celebrating the commitments, big and small, that make up their lives. Performed at Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and Homan Square Community Center- Spring 2012.


Waking Beauty- Devised and Directed

Original devising theater piece that strives to reinvent the perception of beauty in the media. Utilizing improvisation, creative drama, journaling and storytelling techniques, the play was created by a twelve-member, all-girl ensemble from Haven Middle School. Toured to Evanston area middle schools- Winter 2007.