theater reviews

This Boat Called My Body

Newcity (Recommended) -“You would be hard-pressed to find a more positive, more powerful, more deeply joyful piece of theater...This kind of theater is rare and fully a privilege to experience.”

Rescripted - "Loudly confronts the stigma around abortions… and hurdles that young people face along the way. A deeply felt experience and a potent call to action”

Chicago Reader (Recommended) - “Engaging and entertaining agitprop theater... with eye pleasing spectacles.”

Southside Weekly - "Captures the audience’s attention from beginning to end. Participation allowed the audience to become a part of Jane’s support system to help her overcome the challenges she faces.”

Tell Me What You Remember

Chicago Reader (Recommended) - "Finely acted and evocatively staged by Erasing the Distance, this one-hour play asks some of the hard questions we encounter in the course of growing up and growing old."

Around the Town Chicago - "This play filled with snippets of life takes us to places where many of us might see things that will spark memories of our lives and one of the beautiful parts of this sterling production is the audience being able to take part in a discussion after the play as well as expressing themselves to their neighbors at the theater."

Chicago Stage Standard - "Director Nik Zaleski doesn’t bind the characters linearly and allows free interaction across generations, even if not directly speaking to each other. With only five cast members, Zaleski creates a full stage with heavy use of motion and overlapping dialogue that helps to create a bigger space and more dynamism that is going on."